Arrow Turns 5!


We celebrated Arrow’s 5th birthday this week. Arrow is our second born child and second born son. He is easy going and quiet and and his pleasant personality makes him a delight to live with. He is still healthy and robust, 5 years old and never seen a doctor for anything other than a few routine check ups.  Arrow loves transformers, LEGO men, duplo, teddies, pumpkin soup, spaghetti, doing puzzles, and riding his bike to the playground with his family. He loves his little sisters and can be found playing imaginary games for most of the day with Savannah his ‘twin.’ (They are 16 months apart in age and I’ve been asked before when I’m down with street if they are twins!). He is beginning to show maturity as he is now doing some jobs around the house for me like emptying the compost bucket, making his bed, putting his clothes away and tiding up his toys. He loves homeschooling and is really thriving learning in a relaxed home environment. He is a blessing to have in the Goddard house and I feel privileged to call him my son.





Happy 5th Birthday Arrow!








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