Pregnancy Update: 33 weeks


Our precious baby bundle is growing beautifully. I have been feeling quite energetic this pregnancy so far, which is really helping me take care of our busy household. At the beginning of this pregnancy I told myself that I would only look at the positive, no matter how I was feeling. I wanted a joyous pregnancy and was determined to not let any grumbly complaints exit my lips. It’s amazing how different I feel when I try not to complain about anything and choose thankfulness. I see the joy and blessing in what God has given me through clear eyes.

In a routine doctors appointment several weeks ago the dr noticed my belly was measuring a few weeks behind my dates. I was sent to have an ultrasound the same day which revealed a beautiful healthy baby and placenta which was growing well but just on the smaller percentile. I had another ultrasound last week to chart baby’s growth and her growth is going up. I even saw her yawn! All is looking well, she is not expected to be a big baby. Which is fine by me 🙂 I have a history of going overdue (2 weeks +), so she may have a few extra weeks to get bigger and stronger.

I’m looking forward to having a look around the new hospital which we’ll be delivering her in. We’ve moved across the state and it’s opened up the door to lots of new facilities which weren’t available to us before. Like a bath to sit in during labor.

I’ve been drinking 2-3 cups of raspberry leaf tea everyday to give me a boost of nutrients and strengthen my uterus. I’m a firm believer in herbal remedies. I’ve been feeling lots of baby kicks and wiggles and I’m definitely feeling heavier and have been sleeping with a maternity support pillow for a few months now.

All the baby clothes have been sorted washed and placed in the wardrobe in the girls room. We’ve moved Holly (18 months) out of our bedroom now too and in the room next door to our bedroom with Savannah. Savannah is loving having her little sister in the room! Though Holly still wakes up a bit at night and disturbs Savannah, but she’s getting more used to the extra noise now and is mostly sleeping through it.

All our children are really looking forward to having another sibling. It really is a blessings to have a new sister or brother. They are asking me so many questions. “When is the baby coming out? Where does the bay come out? – not my favourite question! Is the baby eating your eggs and quinoa? Can the baby walk in there? I don’t tire of their questions because they all make me smile. They see another family member as a joy and something to look forward too, not something to worry about or be jealous of. We spend so much time together that the children have become each others best friends and it’s beautiful watching relationships develop between them.

Blessings, Peta











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