Meet the Goddard children

Francis Goddard

Francis is our firstborn son. He’s studious, smart and is a natural born leader.  He is studying primary school at home. He loves to read and is learning the piano.


Arrow Goddard

Arrow is our second born son. He’s caring, cautious and imaginative. He began studying primary school at home this year. He loves to ride his bike and is learning the drums.


Savannah Goddard

Savannah is our first born daughter and third child. She is compassionate, bubbly and positive. She is artistic and enjoys painting and colouring in.



 Holly Goddard

Holly is our second born daughter and fourth child. She is loving, cuddly and determined. She loves babies and playing outside with dirt and flowers.



Willow Goddard (born April 2016)

Willow is our third daughter and fifth born child. She is happy, smiley, quiet, and makes our hearts melt everyday.


Luke and Wilow