2 week Grocery shop (haul) video.

Hi lovely readers! Here is a short video of what I bought last time I went out shopping including what I spent at the fruit and veg shop and at Woolworths. If you are enjoying these videos please let me know and I’ll love to hear feedback and to interact with my readers. I might alternate videos with written blog posts, so there will always be something coming out weekly.

Blessings, Peta.

3 thoughts on “2 week Grocery shop (haul) video.

  1. WOW Peta, that is such an amazing price for fruit and veg. We live 1.5 hours away from a fruit and veg shop and have woolworths and coles where we live, my weekly fruit and veg a week is $120.00 with most of the time I need to top up during the week. We have decided to move to a bigger town with more options and so cant wait. Whoop Whoop you go girl!

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