Garden therapy

I love gardens and I love vegetables! The sunshine and fresh air and hard physical work from digging and weeding makes me feel so refreshed! I’ve been making gardening a priority this week, because I know I need it.

I’ve begun a project of growing my own seedlings from seeds instead of buying them from the nursery. While these little beauties grow, I’ll be busy preparing the soil with compost and blood and bone and removing all the weeds. dscf4524dscf4525dscf4527


“Look mum, a mud diamond” 


Blessings, Peta

2 thoughts on “Garden therapy

  1. So good to catch up this week! I should have checked your garden out but we got side-tracked! Hope the boys are settling in to school without any dramas! Lots of love, Jenni ❤


    • Lovely to see you both too, thanks for dropping in! I should have showed you the garden, it’s not much to look at at the moment but there are a few things growing. Yes the boys are settling well, we’ve had a good week, it’s been a lot quieter and calmer 🙂


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