Francis turns seven!

Wow our first born son turned seven last week! Francis is growing into one unique boy. He is super smart and his brain is mathematical yet also creative. We are overjoyed that he has began a personal faith in the Lord and has decided to follow Jesus. We gave him his first Bible because his reading is very advanced for his age. He has been reading a chapter every night in bed before lights out.



He really wanted to climb up the worlds biggest rocking horse for his birthday so we had a picnic there today and he bravely climbed to the top with his daddy.

Francis is a happy boy and is patient with his younger siblings; he reads them books – even helps Arrow with his school work. He loves to lead and be in charge and in control of everything. Everything he builds with LEGO must be symmetrical. His favourite things are playing piano, reading, LEGO, transformers, writing and drawing diagrams of buildings and gardens.

We are loving seeing his unique personality bubble forth! Enjoy this video of him that he asked Luke to make, he loves teaching people how things are made.

Happy Birthday Francis!

2 thoughts on “Francis turns seven!

  1. Happy birthday Francis.

    May I ask what bible you bought him? My eldest turns 7 in March next year and for Christmas I would love to get her a special one as we are starting bible study with her and her best friend at Sunday school as they’re the oldest in our small group.


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