Savannah turns 4!

Our lovely daughter Savannah turned 4 last Saturday! Savannah is our third child and first born daughter. She is absolutely delightful! She turns heads everywhere when we are out and about and every second person stops to comment on her beautiful head full of strawberry blond ringlets! She has a spring in her step and enters every room singing. Savannah is a delight to have in our home as she has a compassionate heart. She is the one who wants to care for everyone and everything. She loves babies and animals and flowers. She is always on the look out for someone in our home who has a need. Just tonight when I was feeding baby Willow she came into the lounge with huge grin carrying a glass of water for me. She then gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and says “do you know why I kissed you? It’s because I love you.” Awe she just melts my heart.

I always let the birthday person choose what we have for tea on their special day and Savannah’s request was quinoa and brussels sprouts. Last year she said salmon! She is the healthiest eater in the house. What a blessing she is to us. DSCF1504DSCF1912_editedDSCF1913_editedDSCF2009_edited

Happy Birthday Savannah!

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